Published on Jun 7, 201

Muslim-Loving U.S. Mayor Instantly Regrets Flooding Town With Refugees After SICK Surprise On His Doorstep

Ever since Trump cracked down on migrants invading our country, liberals around the country have been fighting tooth and nail, continuing to blast our president as being a racist, even though Trump’s true intentions are to keep our country safe. Many Americans in these cities are outraged at how their cities and towns are being invaded by illegals and refugees, as these liberal mayors and governors continue to put their own agenda above the will of the very people who they were elected to represent. Well now a mayor in Vermont is getting a brutal wake-up call after infesting his town with Muslims, after the nasty gift that was dropped in his lap by pissed off residents in his town.

Angry Americans in Rutland, Vermont, have just gotten huge revenge against both Obama and Mayor Christopher Louras, voting out the five-term mayor who worked hand-in-hand with Obama to force the influx of Syrian refugees in Vermont, where Louras helped negotiate the controversial refugee settlements with a federal contractor despite the angry outcries of his people. “Mayor Louras had negotiated an unpopular refugee deal behind closed doors with the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants,” WND reported. “USCRI is one of nine exclusive contractors that get paid by the U.S. State Department for every refugee they place into U.S. cities and towns.”

But after his antics went against the will of the people, his entire career as a mayor went down in flames last week during in the tiny city’s recent election, where his opponent David Allaire completely slaughtered him, winning by 52 percent of the vote.

“That’s not just a win, that’s a drubbing,” said Don Chioffi, an activist who supported the upstart candidate Allaire. WND reports that Louras came out last year and announced that the city would be taking in hordes of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, without even giving a second thought to what the people of Rutland wanted. WND reported:

Louras came out last April and “announced,” much to the surprise of his residents, that the city would be taking in up to 100 Syrian refugees in fiscal 2017 along with others from Iraq. The announcement divided the city among those who wanted to welcome the refugees – no questions asked – and those who thought the refugee program was being dictated without any local input and with very little information. Protests and counter-protests were organized, attracting national media attention.

Unfazed by the division it caused in Rutland, a State Department contractor opened an office and started placing Syrians into the community. More than 98 percent of Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslim while about 75 percent of Iraqi refugees are either Sunni or Shiite, and they’re just now starting to show up in a small town that doesn’t have a single mosque.

But Louras would soon pay a hefty price for his reckless disregard for the sentiments of his citizens, as City Councilor David Allaire won a four-way race for mayor, stopping Louras from gaining a sixth term. Similarly to how the mainstream media was in the bag for Hillary Clinton throughout the presidential election, Incumbent Allaire got no help from the local media, and it was thought that cocky Louras would simply walk away with the election. But the will of the people in the end prevailed, and supporters were able to bypass newspapers and TV stations by using social media to get their message out about Louras’ plan to infest their city with unvetted vermin from the Middle East. Local activist Don Chioffi, an ACT for America chapter leader in Rutland stated:

“In their sacrilegious and diabolical effort to squelch the truth, they won’t put it out there, so it’s hard to emphasize how important this victory is because the leftist media just doesn’t give you a fair shake, and we went into it expecting that. We knew we wouldn’t get a fair shake.”

This story just proves that no matter how many malcontents we have in positions of power actively plotting for the destruction of our country, WE THE PEOPLE will always win, as we refuse to have the blood of our ancestors who fought and died for this country to simply be pissed away by these liberal asshats. More cities and towns across America need to do exactly what the town of Rutland did, and send these morons a clear message that we will not comply with their globalist and borderless society BS agenda

Published on Jul 6, 2017 JUST IN: New Poll Reveals Americans STUNNING Shift Of Opinion On President Trump

Since the moment Donald Trump signed an Executive Order banning travel from six very dangerous countries known to harbor terrorists, which by the way was first proposed by Barack Obama during his tenure as President, Liberals everywhere completely freaked out as would be expected by the snowflakes. The immediately sprang into action calling Trump and his supporters racists and every other derogatory name under the sun. They started calling it a “Muslim Ban” even though the majority of Muslims are still free to travel back and forth from our country but that doesn’t matter to them.

The mainstream media was also no help as they continued to fuel the fire by making bogus reports on Trump and hyping up the ban as something more than it ever was intended to be. They began to run bogus polls claiming that the vast majority of Americans opposed the ban. It was a disheartening time for conservatives across the nation. The truth was something entirely different though.

According to Allen B. West:
In reality, the ban was actually a necessary national security measure. Learning a lesson from Europe, President Trump wanted to make sure we were properly vetting people coming into the country. The list of terror-prone countries didn’t target Muslims, it targeted the countries previously identified by the Obama administration as a security threat.

The Blaze reports that The latest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban is a winner — at least politically — according to a new survey released Wednesday.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll shows 60 percent of all voters support the State Department’s “new guidelines which say visa applicants from six predominately Muslim countries must prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country.”

Only 28 percent said they oppose the new guidelines.

Predictably, support was greatest among Republicans. However, a majority of independents also approve of the policy:

A whopping 84 percent of Republicans back the travel restrictions and 56 percent of independent voters agree with the policy. Democrats are split on the issue, with 41 percent supporting the new guidelines and 46 percent opposing them.

Interestingly, the pollsters made no mention of President Trump in the phrasing of the poll, hoping to get a more accurate result:

This latest poll does not specifically mention the president’s name, suggesting the actual policy might be more popular when separated from Trump.

The poll comes after a unanimous Supreme Court ruling allowed most of the ban to go into effect. In that ruling, the justices made exceptions for those who had close a family relationship with persons in the United States. That version of the travel ban was implemented shortly after the court’s decision.

Liberals are notorious for spinning the truth in whatever direction they so please, along with the mainstream media they spread nothing but lies feeding the uninformed bullshit information creating greater division in our country than necessary. Fortunately for all Americans, the ban was upheld by the Supreme Court and we are all safer because of it. Don’t be fooled by the media and do a little digging. You may be surprised at what you find.

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